Buderupholm Fiskesøer

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North Jutlands most exciting Put & Take lakes

Buderupholm Fiskesøer is a newly established Put & Take, located in the beautiful nature of North Jutland, between Aalborg and Hobro.

The lakes were established in 2017 and have a water surface of 5000 m² each. We stock trout from 1 kg upwards. All our fish are from our own fish farm, one of the most modern facilites in the country.

From 2018 there will be two additional lakes totaling 12,000 m².

Opening hours

Our lakes are open 24 hours a day from May to December.

From January to April we are open from sunrise to sunset.

Species of fish

All our fish are from our own fish farm. We stock Rainbow trout, Golden trout, Tiger trout, Brown trout and Brook trout.

From 2018 we will stock the lakes with 9 species of trout!


We release fish into both lakes eery day. The amount of fish depends on the number of visitors at our lakes.

Species of trout

Open days per year

Square meters of water

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